Dear Friends in Christ,

I am excited to publish the Cathedral Pastoral Plan for the next three years.  This plan was presented to parishioners in February.  The Pastoral Plan Team has worked hard over the last nine months to develop the pastoral plan which considers some of the data from the Disciple Maker Index completed by parishioners in April of 2023.  The Pastoral Plan includes three Priorities:

  • Enhance Faith Formation and Discipleship
  • Build a Welcoming Community for Jesus Christ
  • Enhance Parish Communications

Each of these priorities will have activities that we hope parishioners will become engaged in for their own spiritual growth and the building up of the parish, the diocese and the Church.  It is a three year plan so not everything will happen at once.  The power point presentation of the Pastoral Plan as well as the Plan itself is available on this page.

For the Pastoral Plan to be a success it will take prayer and the engagement of parishioners.  It is my prayer that every household become involved in some way in the activities of the plan.  May the Lord bless you and those you love.

Fr. Ryan Maher